Nordic Country Group Leadership Team

Ledelsen i Bayer Nordic består av de 11 medlemmer i Nordic Country Group Leadership Team:

Miriam Holstein
Managing Director, Bayer Nordic SE
Managing Director, Bayer Oy
Managing Director, Bayer Norway AS



Marion McPherson
Head of Crop Science Nordic,
Managing Director Bayer A/S (Denmark)
Monica Toikka
Head of Consumer Health Nordic 
Olaf Gerber
Country Division Head Pharmaceuticals Finland & Baltics
Managing Director UAB Bayer (Lithuania), Bayer SIA (Latvia), Bayer OÜ (Estonia)  



Henrik Wulff
Head of Pharmaceuticals, Scandinavia,
Managing Director Bayer AB (Sweden)

Thomas Ramdahl

Head of Supply Center Oslo,
Managing Director Bayer AS (Norway)

Peter Essen
Head of Supply Center Turku,




Ernst Boettcher
Head of Animal Health Nordic
Johanna Kouru
Head of Legal, Patents & Compliance Nordic 

Lotte Bruns 
Head of Communications Nordic 
Anna Svahn
Head of Human Resources Nordic  


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